D61: Pembroke – Beulah

72,2km – 10H24

The thunder rumbled all night, and it is on a wet floor Serge began his step. The wind is still strong, which will surely take time to evolve during the day. We first cross Hopkinsville at the 11th kilometer. This is where established Fort Campbell, local pride created in 1841 and with over 40 000 conscripts. This place is reputed to have within it the 101st Airborne Division of the United States, which was especially notable on the Normandy coast during the 2nd World War. Yesterday we wondered why the name of so many localities in Kentucky ended with “city”. Well it’s a bookseller who got the answer, explaining that the French had provided valuable assistance to the Americans in 1778, helping them keep their proclaimed independence vis-à-vis the British. Hence vis-à-vis benevolence of our country that is felt throughout the city names.
This state seems no less rural than Tennessee, but however much oriented industries. Many mills and silos furnish industrial parks met this morning.
By early afternoon, when the weather was turning instead to thinning is suddenly the exact opposite occurs and a violent storm descends on us. Faced with so much rain and wind, everyone stays safe in the car for about ten minutes. The storm goes as quickly as it came, and Serge can leave.
It changes held at the next refueling, to finish the stage dry. He would also like to board the cream of places which may become hot.
We find civilization and the sun a few kilometers before the end of the stage, passing in Dawson Springs, ancient spa town with its flourished in time thanks to a water source located nearby.
Tomorrow we get closer dangerously of Illinois. Will not happen? What is certain is that Serge continues imperturbably his way, and the next states had better watch out.