The challenge

The Project: Run Around the Planet, Opus 8

New Opus:

Opus 7 was never finished so Serge decided to write a new major symphony: « Run Around the Planet » (RAP).  This opus 8 will begin with an adagio movement over 4 continents: Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa for a period of almost 14 months and 26,400 km.


The start will be from Paris on January 31, 2016.  The “RAP” will follow the rules set by the World Runners Association.

Below are 4 major rules:

  • Start and finish at the same place
  • Cover a minimum of 26,232 km
  • Cross at least 4 continents
  • Pass through 2 antipodal points

For additional information please see the website:


Better the performance of Tom Dennis, 55 year old Australian who finished his run around the World in 2013.  He ran 26,232 km on 5 continents in 622 days.  He started and finished in Sydney.

Birth of the Idea:

Looking at what Jesper Olsen and Tony Mangan had accomplished, Serge discovered that one of his dreams had come true: the birth of an association grouping runners “globe trotters,” The Word Runners Association (WRA).  It did not take more than this to ignite the fire.   At the end of the summer 2015 the project took shape in Serge’s mind but he was careful not to talk about it.  The idea grew and by the beginning of December Serge found he had the minimum budget to begin.  That left him only 2 months to organize his adventure.