The team

Here is a list of Serge’s guardian angels, who will take turns being with him during the 14 months of the Run Around the World.

In  alphabetical order :

Anne Braudel :

Our webmaster.  A  solid friendship has developed since we met in 2013.  Anne answered our call without hesitation and has been available at a moment’s notice to create this new site, as well as provide additional help with communications.  She has not kept track of her time, which included Sundays and holidays, so that the site would be ready before Serge’s start.  Her discerning eye is priceless.

Bertrand Plaquevent, alias Béber:

Well known to all the Internet viewers who have followed us for years, Bertrand is a valuable asset.  It is more than just his presence; Bertrand knows how to listen, understand, analyze and prepare: nothing frightens him.  Besides taking part in the European Tour, he organized all the logistics from Namibia to Mozambique on the Run&Row Tour and  a strong friendship exists, based on the confidence we have felt over the years.  His motto: “there are no problems, only solutions”.

Christophe Riol, alias Béli:

Age 20 and the youngest on this Run Around the World, he is Monika’s brother and we do not know him well.  He helped make the film “An Unfinished Around the World Tour” and he has already worked on several visuals for this event.  He will be a member of the support team as well as cameraman.

David Antoine:

After having welcomed us in his home during the Run Aound Europe, it was logical that we would become close friends.  David answered our call for assistance on the Run&Row Tour and It was the first time he participated in one of Serge’s challenges.  He was present in Africa  last year at the debacle so he will take up where he left off and be on the African portion of the challenge this year.

Dominique, alias Zette:

The only and favorite sister of Serge has always been present.  In 1997 she was responsible for all the logistics of the trans-USA.  Since then, she has continued to work behind the scenes with the same efficiency and availability.  Zette is a pearl.

Laure Magnan-Girard:

From being his partner, she has become the runner’s wife.  It is not the only change to take place, since now she will ensure only a portion of the preparations and be present only part of the time. It was a difficult decision which satisfies no one but that’s life and everything will be done to ensure that the organization, communications and the well-being of the runner do not suffer during her absence.  She will be present for about 5 of the 14 months of the race.

Lee Hecht:

If our English-speaking friends have been able to follow Serge for the past few years, it is thanks to Lee.  She follows the challenges on a daily basis via, her computer and through her translations.  In addition to this contribution, over the years she has become a close friend.

Maxime Magnan:

Age 25, he is Laure and Serge’s nephew.  He has been requisitioned for the Run Aound the World.  Maxime was a member of the support team on the Paris-Tokyo in 2006 and on the European Tour in 2010.  Available and delighted, he is ready to share his uncle’s new adventure.

Monika Trzcinska:

Is the first female « cameraman » to be on one of Serge’s adventures.  She was present on the Run&Row Tour and made a very sensitive documentary of “An Unfinished Around the World Tour,” soon to be released on You Tube.  She will join the dream team at strategic places, at the four corners of the earth, to show great moments of this journey.

Nicolas Girard:

Serge’s eldest son, Nicolas, was part of the trans-USA race in 1997 and in 1999 he developed and managed the first Website for the trans-Australia race.  Nicolas lives and works in Chicago since the end of 2015.  He will join us and give us support on the North American portion of the race, which will last 6 months.

The “Ouchs”:

Better known as Emmannuelle and Philippe, they received their nickname on Reunion Island last year when they honored us with their presence during the Run&Row Tour.  It will be a pleasure for us all to have them be with us for a short visit, maybe several (we are crossing our fingers), in the USA, to give a hand to the small support team.  The “Ouchs” are always present in a good mood and with a smile.

Our Pigeons Voyageurs alias “PV”:

Brigitte and Roger are always ready to take on a new adventure.  We have lost track of the kilometers covered in “Adrienne” their camper, to join us and follow the caravan’s trail.  Once again, they will be part of the adventure and we are curious to know what kind of surprises they will prepare for us.  Be it pancakes at the roadside, surprise arrivals when we are not expecting them, grilled cheese sandwiches for Serge’s refueling….. watch this space…..

René Girard:

He is « Our » René but he is also yours, for it has been a long time… For 10 years, his loyalty and his availability have been rudely tested, most particularly in this Around the World Tour, which he only learned about mid-December 2015.  He is always present, and at age 67 the senior member of the Run Around the World.  He will be present for 7 of the 14 months that the tour will last (our thanks go to his wife, Michelle, for accepting his absence).  René’s motto: “My backpack is always ready”

Thomas Girard:

Second « Tom » of the Girard trilogy, Serge’s second son.  Thomas took part in the Paris-Tokyo in 2006 and the European Tour in 2010.  At age 25 he will be a key element of this long journey around the world because he will be in charge of communications so you can share the important moments of this new challenge via this website and the social networks.  He will be present 8 of the 14 months.  With “Mamie,” Serge’s mother, Thomas was the first to be informed about this new project and without hesitation he agreed to be present.