Serge Girard

Serge is a man who takes on a dare and meets challenges, but most of all he loves to run. It is his way of feeling alive.

Over the years, he has never ceased running, either during one of adventures in different parts of the world or occasionally in competition. What he likes most is training on the country roads around Grainville-Ymauville, where he can wave to the vehicles that pass him, admire the cows in the pastures and marvel at the light of Normandy, which enhances the landscape. His preference is the springtime when the rapeseed is in bloom and following that when the flax blooms pale blue. The seasons change and Serge never tires of running on his same circuits in the Seine-Maritime Department of France.

Even if he is beginning to feel his age, particularly as far as recuperation time is concerned because it longer, at age 62 Serge remains optimistic at all times and has the soul of a child, with thousands of projects and dreams in his head. So even if a dream comes to an untimely end or cannot ever become reality, for Serge running has always been a link between dream and reality. The road is long for he who does not follow his dreams, says Serge and he has so many dreams. His love of adventure fuels his existence.
Following the failure of the Run & Row Tour, he put down his oars, perhaps forever, but one never knows. There are rumors… but Serge hopes never to stop running, living and dreaming.