D60: Cross Plains – Pembroke (Kentucky)

72,18km – 10H01′

Serge looks at the weather forecast before going: weather is expected to deteriorate in the late afternoon. For now it is fine and we do no wind.

We begin to move away from Nashville, and we are far from urban area. Traffic is so quiet, we enjoy the countryside and the road.

During our first stop of the day, we receive a visit of a policeman biker who seems not to have a busy day. He takes time to chat with us. We offer him a postcard that hangs on the windshield of his motorcycle, and he leaves.

As usual now, I make a quick point of complete sports news Serge at the first stop. The “Blues”, national football team, are inspired offensively, it’s a pleasure.

The farms are increasing as we approach the Kentucky.

Another notable fact: the chairs. Since this morning there are chairs in front of all the houses! Rockin ‘chairs (although typical rocking chairs from here), but also chairs, sofas and even chairs for babies. Everyone here aligns its collection of seats under the porchs of  houses, as if the family reunion was held every day at the same place.

It seems that   weather forecast services are good in the United States: as expected the wind picks up on the stroke of 11 am, and the weather turns gray.

We change of state at the 34th kilometer. Bye bye Tennessee, Kentucky hello!

And the least we can say is that the change is radical! Just after the frontier, so many farms, so many fields.

A few kilometers later we celebrate the passage of 4000 km in 59 days, 9 am and 9 minutes!

At 4001 kilometer, three dogs rush together at full speed to Serge.

René  accelerate speed, we interpose between them and Serge.

Dogs follow us on several tens meters, but Serge is safe. This kind of situation is obviously very complicated to manage, especially since the repellent spray that Serge keep with him would have been useless with such a wind.

Laura and I are leaving early in the afternoon to do some shopping while René finishes alone last 25 km with Serge. Once arrival René says ” it was a peaceful end stage”. He meets very nice people. During our shopping we had the same thought, people here are kind and we look forward to know what will be our second tomorrow in Kentucky.