D59: Watertown – Cross Plains

72,06km – 10H05′
Starting this morning in the northern suburbs of Nashville.
Since our entry in Tennessee this is certainly the best place we pass with beautiful homes with well-mowed lawns. Americans like to show their property and everything that goes with it. Each house reflect a family’s way of life a family, with games for children, various vehicles owned.
In the 15th kilometer we continue our bypass Nashville via Lebanon. Since the beginning of the day the sun is quietly set in a perfectly blue sky. Only a fresh wind still keeps us from falling sweaters.
Serge asks for the second camera between 2 aid stations and ten minutes later, he gives me 3 more videos and tells ” I am a little talkative” with a big smile. Nothing can stop “CinĂ©run” …
Shortly before noon a local resident reprimends us. He asks us to go out from his lawn (it is really not easy to park and we are along the road but private property begins along the road…), and to stop taking pictures. All with courtesy of his own. Moments later, Laura is calling us: she was denied her shopping cart at checkout a W… Supermarket, because it contained beer and she did not have US citizenship to buy them. Funny way of doing business in Tennessee …
After LaGuardo we follow the noisy highway 109 for about 15km and during almost two hour, it is difficult to talk with so much traffic, otherwise Serge has good shoulder. It will be different on the road 25 with no shoulders, up and down and curves with no visibility and speed drivers. Afraid to stay alive on this small road… but landscape are beautiful, many ranches and fields, all bordered by pretty fencing. Serge runs with caution.
Our Sergio still ends at over 72km today. The furious pace continued, with a smile please!
Tomorrow the road goes to Kentucky!