D58: McMinnville – Watertown

73,95km – 10H22′

Only 2 roads today: the Highway 56 and the Highway 70. It was pretty cool this morning and grey but the sky became blue in the afternoon with a temperature of 19°C. Serge tells that  it is a wonderful weather for runners.

At 40km of the stage, during the aid station, I locked the keys inside the car and I was outside – Lock out!

The conversation with the assistance service of our rental car will be terrible. After 1 hour conversation, they don’t  locate the car. It was too easy: on the Highway 70, half way between Smithville and Dowelltown on the right side, on the shoulder, westbound. When I give the GPS points, it is more confusing for my interlocutor.  1 hour later, the supervisor hold the line and  understand everything in 5 minutes and 10 minutes later, they give me the contact of a provider who is supposed to arrive in 1 hour to delock the door. But same thing for the provider, they don’t find my car and we are going to wait 2 hours. Difficulties for something – I forgot to tell you, there was no signal on my cell phone where the car was…..

During nearly 4 hours, Serge will be alone on the road with his food and water. He enjoys even if he tells he prefers to meet his support team every 5km. The way was easy today no changes in the direction. It will be different tomorrow, we have 2 cities: Lebanon and Gallatin, to pass.