D55: Armuchee – Oglethorpe

72,03km – 10h20’

As usual, Serge is ready to go at sunrise. This morning a nice morning mist envelope a landscape that is more hilly than in recent days. The Appalachian Mountains are not far away. Meadows begin to appear and Serge admits to feeling “less oppressed” by tree density previously encountered.

Serge is certainly a good mood. With René we find particularly talkative.

In the 12th kilometer we cross Summerville. Lots of traffic at the exit of this city, and no shoulders. Fortunately it only lasts a few kilometers, and right out of the city we find our old 2×2, with a large shoulder this time!

The fact that there are no aisles, no sidewalks, while we are still in an agglomeration confirms René’s analysis: there are no many pedestrians here. People move by car only.

Serge continue his journey to go to north, under a sun more ardent.

The afternoon continues and the “Martha Berry Highway” that we follow now from Rome is very painful. Many cars, noise …  Don’t forgot it is a day before the Easter Week-end.

Fortunately, about ten kilometers from the final point, we turn and enter the “Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military”. It is a quiet road where cars go slowly and where joggers can run quietly. For the historical side, I let our budding filmmaker to explain it in his videos.

The day ends and therefore we retain the United States it is better to be pedestrian on the highway than in the cities, that darken due north does not lower sun intensity, but also that even if Serge went slower today, and even if he was embarrassed repeatedly by circulation: he has fun on the road, and it is a pleasure that is shared. See you tomorrow.