D54: Yorkville – Armuchee

71,53km – 10h00

It is 6:30 this morning, everybody get up at the same time. We sleep at 4 in a same room. In USA, it is easy because hotel and motel get rooms with 2 queen beds…

Breakfast time, unpack and we leave to find our point of departure. Laure join us later.

As for Georgia, after two days there is certainly the most wooded area that I have seen in my life. So short is it. We did end up more crossing forests and forests!

In addition to the vegetation, we also continue to see many churches.

These have their crosses decorated with a purple scarf, a sign that we are in Holy Week at the approach of Easter.

Shortly after the 10th kilometer, the american police is interested in our vehicle. Here Police officers or other drivers seem quite anxious to see motorists stopped on the roadside, and they ask if everything is “okay”.

The day takes its course, the sun still does not rise and the wind blows a little harder than yesterday. A storm is expected in the evening, Serge hopes to pass between the drops.

At the 40th kilometer we reach Rome. European cities names are legion here, I just have to take the card to give you some of the surroundings: Athens, Florence, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Milan … and even Paris!

Cities with French consonances are also present in large numbers throughout the country, due to the fact that France had vast territories until the nineteenth century.

Sign in Rome, therefore, is complicated for Serge. Lot of traffic and so much noise, on a road that offers little shoulder.

Fortunately, the route is not complicated: the “Martha Berry Avenue” will be our only way to go through town.

As expected, the weather deteriorates at 14:30. The wind is getting stronger, tossing traffic lights suspended above each intersection.

After crossing Rome, Laure and I are going to the motel we have to work  on the various administrative tasks and update website with video, pictures and so and so,  while René ensures the supply until the end of the day.

He and Serge returned shortly after 18h, exhausted. “From buckets of water,” tells René.

Tonight we sleep in a very typical US motel. The rain stopped and some squirrels are riding on power lines.

See you tomorrow.