D42: Dundee – Minneola

70,81km – 9H37′
Today we did not feel like taking pictures and making videos because Highway 27 was uninspiring. A long line of shopping centers, full of crowds this Saturday and a succession of brick walls that separate this very wide highway from residential areas went on for miles. Some of the communities are more luxurious than others. There is a name on each community and there are plenty of flowers, even though the homes are so close to each other that they almost touch. The more up-market communities are gated and there is more land around the homes, which are all different.
There are also lots of golf courses, private and public. Today the citrus orchards have almost disappeared. We are leaving the heart of Florida to head north.
At the beginning of the stage, crossing Haines, the small city enter was deserted and we understand why. Life is concentrated on the giant 2 x 3-lane US roads, which widen to 5 lanes at intersections. To the delight of Serge, there is even a lane for pedestrians. All of a sudden, the situation was so comfortable that Serge was almost sorry to leave US 27 at the 60th km. We will be back tomorrow. Great! As for me, this incessant traffic, the noise and constant need to be alert are not a pleasure. I like the quiet of the small roads, but that is not for tomorrow.
The « Highways » are the large national roads. The « Interstates, » which we never take because they are prohibited and too dangerous, are equivalent to French autoroutes. The majority of these “Interstates” are free but some become toll roads when they approach large cities.
Serge is in good shape. His legs are good and his muscles are not too painful. When he leaves in the morning he doesn’t seem to be suffering. He trots along quickly in a state of contemplation, when that is possible. He is in his race.
Tomorrow along our route there will be more lakes and water.