D40: Run Movie

71,18km – 9H37′

We were inspired by another hot and beautiful day, as well as some scenic roads. Serge, alias “CinéRun” is trigger happy and got some fast shots from his Go Pro that he carries with him. He is ready to shoot as soon as he has something to say or show. An example is when he met a certain Marshall at Lake Placid who asked him what he was doing, since he had seen him the day before yesterday as well as today on the road. Serge explained that he was running between Miami and Anchorage. I leave it up to you to imagine the expression on Marshall’s face.
Orange trees, lakes and more orange trees. At about 1pm Serge complained of a headache so I gave him an over the counter pain reliever. Mamie, if you speak to Serge on the phone please ask him to wear his hat as protection against the sun. And please also stress that he must eat well. I find that Serge isn’t eating enough and soon he will be reduced to skin and bones. As a matter of fact, he has trouble eating a proper evening meal because he says he has been eating all day long and has had enough. He has 150 to 200 calories at each of the 13 refuelings, to which one must add breakfast consisting of a glass of 3-fruit juices, a kiwi, 1 bowl of coffee without sugar and bread with jam. But in the evening fatigue, combined with the impression of having eaten all day long, leaves him without appetite so he only nibbles.
We have breakfast and our evening meal in our hotel room. It’s fast, easy and economical.
I think you will see in the photos and videos what our days are like. It seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Easter approaches, with little chocolate rabbits here, rather than church bells. Serge was particularly satisfied with his day on the road. As for me, I don’t know where the time goes!