D37 Flatness and straightness

On the day of the program US41, a single straight and flat road (75m of elevation) along the Tamiami Canal. We crossed two nature reserves: Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. These protected areas are home to flora and especially a variety of wildlife: multitudes of species of birds, crocodiles, panthers, and closer to the sea colonies of pelicans. Everglades flora are characterized by thousands of square kilometers of mangroves.

Serge follows his thin ribbon of asphalt in this vastness, and is not very reassured to hear in these dense thickets bathed in swamps, unusual noises. He also crossed his path, a crocodile crushed by a car on the side of the road (see video), if we are to hedgehogs, so here are small crocodiles who complete crushed here. This is certainly not a road on which we would want to run at night.

This morning, after two supplies for the runner, I go back to Miami to finish some shopping and make the exchange, the banks are closed on weekends. But the catch, only the customers of these banks can make changes. So I landed in a huge mall in the US (or oversized) where throngs tourists to the shop and enjoy cinema and other entertainments. Currency exchange exists there. Then I’m leaving in hurry because I left Serge 2:30 but no worried Laure because is going well, he drank a liter of water and eating bar. It’s time to feed my man of noodle soup.

If the thermometer showed 19 ° C at 7:15 am, at 1:00 p.m., it reads 38 ° C in the sun, temperature felt on the road by Serge not under cover, this US41 is not at all shady. He keeps a bottle of water he drinks 1/2 liter each 5 km and 5 km. Around 3:30 p.m., he said that the stomach does not feel well, so he’ll drink less and doesn’t want to eat anymore. Let the body recover because this climate is a  radical change. You will probably understand that I am alone in the vehicle to support Serge all day long until Atlanta (Georgia) and St. Louis (Missouri) where more crew arrive.

Route of Tueday, March 8th: Etape 38