D36 Miami Beach Tamiami US41

Miami Beach, starting point of this particular stage: Serge starts to reach Anchorage a few thousand kilometers away, for a small stage of little bit more than 43km. We will not spend lot of time into this tourist spot and will not have taken the time to dip a toe in the water. We will visit the malls, try to update all the communication and especially undo and redo our luggage and prepare the vehicle for departure tomorrow, which is to fill plastic boxes by theme: breakfast, food, meal evening, kitchen … we must also look at the route even if on the next two days, there will be only one change in direction, we leave without major step details except one direction.
Serge seems to accommodate 28 ° C under which he has completed its step. a particular stage also, bacause he has been alone from km 15 to the end of its route, stopping at service stations to buy water and organizing its ravito in a few shops on the US 41 road. It had a surprise visit in the person of Simon Brégardis and family, Thomas’ brother, who has already accompanied us on many trips, I want to say hello on the side of Rennes and Lorient where live “The Family Brégardis”!
Only problem, I could not pick up on US 41 at the end of his stage, because the road was closed at the intersection with the 997 and fiercely barred by two policemen. Fortunately, Serge is customary to answer the phone he carries (he never had to phone him but for this trip I didn’t give him choice) and he has replied. Once its recorded point and tag off, he had to return to these steps to meet me at the crossing point 3,5 km back – Km not included in the mileage of the day of course.
A hazard on the road and it will probably not the only one!

Route for Monday March 7th: Etape 36