D70: Lentner – St Catharine

72,52km – 10H08′

Little traffic and wind. But it is so cold. The temperature dropped down to -6 ° C during the night.

No one here seems to be alarmed about the terrible wind, making it almost happened to something normal. Yesterday, the hotel receptionist quickly reassured me: the wind is rarely as strong here.

Life along the US 36 is not the most exciting. When we accompany Serge, we are completely dependent on the path he takes.

Serge takes on average 40 minutes to run the five kilometers between two aid stations.  During this time we must organized equipment used and try to keep the car clean (we spend our life in or around the car), drive to the next point, find a place to park the car and prepare the next supply.

This time is sufficient to meet these specifications, especially as today where the road is the same from the beginning to the end. But when the route changes, it is a litte more difficult because with need to stop at each crossings and prepare the next meal at the same time.

Time management is a paradox, we spend our time waiting  but without really having time.

Funny way to travel you might say. In my point of view, all the interest lies precisely in the “human” dimension of our steps. 70 km per day, divided into fifteen breaks, give us time to enjoy landscapes and improvised meetings. Few Tour Operators offer us this kind of adventure.

So yes the road ahead is not always as fun, but the way is.

Today, everybody enjoy a good weather with sun and no wind, Serge specialy.

We continue our journey through the long US 36, in few more days and we’ll be in St Joseph, then we turn to the north and Nebraska.

Meanwhile we stay tonight in Brookfield, and for sure we are going to sleep well.