D67: Chautauqua – Belleview

72,06km – 10H26′

Oversleep this morning. One day or another, it should be happen.

The start has been delayed by 1 hour and Serge began at 8:20 am.

Today It’s gray, not really cold and windy but it rains all day long. Serge always said he preferred the rain rather than a headwind”, then he assumes. Perhaps because of the stress of this bad day, he has a small hypoglycemia period at the beginning of the stage. The same symptoms than in Florida when it was so hot: No legs anymore, excessive sweating. In this case, he drinks Coke and feels better after.

We continue our journey along the Mississippi. The limestone cliffs along our path closely resemble those of the Seine estuary. It’s like being at home.

After a very slow departure: 3H30 for 20 km, Serge finished in a good time. The support crew tell about the day:”drenched and frozen all the day” Theforecast for our area is ¬†better tomorrow. Tomorrow is also our last day in Illinois. We will cross in the final kilometers of the day the bridge allowing access to the state of Missouri!