D64: McLeansboro – Centralia

72,23km – 10H07′

This morning René, Laura and I head towards St. Louis, while Philippe and Emmanuelle ensure Serge’s support until noon.

What a pleasure to find a little civilization! The buildings! Sidewalks! Store other than gas station or fast food! Hardly returned to St. Louis we already see four joggers in the same street as we had seen one since Atlanta …

It is true that this foray into city territory yet opened me eyes to the gap between the countryside and the big cities of the country. It seems clear that some rural areas are completely left to their own.

We change car near the airport, then let Laure who must take flight in the afternoon.

After 150 kilometers to go back, we find Emmanuelle and Philippe (aka the “Ouchs”) who have successfully passed their baptism of crew.

The Ouchs arrived last night go back to the hotel to take a rest because of the jet lag, they are a little bit tired.

The stage ends around 18h, Serge has had “the wind in the back while three-quarters of the day”, which has enabled him  not to suffer too much.

Tomorrow we will continue towards Saint-Louis, and get closer to a well-known river: the Mississippi. Good night.