Serge’s training

Since June 2015 and the abrupt end of the Run&Row Tour, Serge has not stopped running.  From June 1 to December 31, he has run an average of 200 km per week, with two peaks of two weeks in July and October when he ran more than 300 km per week.

During training, he alternated running and walking, which enabled him to lower his heartbeat rate to 36 per minute instead of 40.

During these 7 months, Serge had only 10 days of rest and he entered a 48H in Kladnõ at the end of July where he ran 314 km.

Since January 1, Serge has been recuperating with 100 km per week, just to maintain his form.  He watches his weight carefully, since he is running less.  He wishes to stay at his preferred weight 61-62 kg.  He combines his race training with daily sessions of sheathing.

Please note that on December 31, 2015, Serge left the house to run at 23H45 and returned shortly after midnight.  It has become a tradition for Serge to be on the road as the New Year starts.  This New Year’s Eve his Excel spreadsheet informed him that he had clocked 200,000 km since he began his running on May 15, 1983.