Preparations – A race against time

This adventure is unlike the previous races for one major reason:  the time available to prepare it.  The idea for this new challenge was a last-minute thing that left us only 2 short months to get ready for a 14 month expedition.  Like all ideas, this one evolved and changed, so time was wasted because developing such a project never goes in a straight line. For example, the choice of an itinerary was modified at the end of December, even though we had all worked on the previous itinerary.  The time and energy spent on itinerary number 1 was lost and could not be recuperated.  Excess time is something we do not have.  What we do have is energy and this energy takes the form of our precious team, who gives us a great deal of help.  Not wanting to be repetitious, I suggest you have a look at the presentation of this team on the new website, in the menu Challenge, under “Team”.

Without doubt, this is the first time that Serge has been so totally involved in the preparations of one of our adventures.  From headaches to tired eyes, he has not spared himself.  As for Laure, she is at a point where she does what she can, which is to say little.  Between her work and the death of her father on January 1 she has not been available and has gone through moments of great distress.  It has not been an easy time, especially because it is the first time that Serge and Laure will not be together!

The countdown has begun almost without our realizing it.