The team

Serge’s team has always been at the heart of all his challenges.  There are several seasoned members on this team: René, Ludovic and Bertrand who made strong contributions to previous events but also Eliane, Daniel, Thomas B, the “Pigeons Voyageurs” and many others.  Over time and as the length of the events increased, these people became an important part of our events.  Adaptability and versatility are the two primary qualities required of a team member.

This new challenge takes place at an unusual moment.  If the Run and Row Tour had not stopped, Serge would have been in the midst of it.  That not being the case, Serge had an urgent need to bounce back with a new project.  In view of the start date, we had to mobilize the troops and the energy of all our supporters at very short  notice.  Because of her work, Laure cannot assume responsibility for the logistics of this Run Around the World but she will be a member of the support team from time to time. Nobody is indispensible so she has turned her job over to Serge’s youngest son, Thomas, who will get support from “stainless steel René”, “charismatic Bertrand” and “passionate David”.  The team has a younger look with the presence of Maxime, Serge and Laure’s nephew and Christophe alias Béli.  To our great delight we will receive visits and support from the “Pigeons Voyageurs,” the “Ouchs” and  Serge’s eldest son, Nicolas.  Let us not forget modest Zette, Serge’s sister, who is always in the background but an invaluable presence at each start.  In order to reach male/female parity, we cannot forget Monica, our favorite camerawoman, Anne our webmaster, whom we adore, and our dear Lee.