The partners

Upon our return from Run & Row Tour in June, we had to bounce back. In early summer 2015, Serge has of course taken the time to contact each of the partners, to inform them of his desire to leave on an African voyage in 2016, and whether they wished to continue their support on this new project . Some have retired, others have barely took time to think before saying yes.

Such spontaneity has impressed us, because yes, it was allowed to fail and yes, we want to support this new momentum and the continuation of the adventure we had begun to share together. Such was the message received from the Intersport Group, Fleury Michon and 8 Leclerc stores of Normandy who accompanied us last year.

From the  “simple” idea of crossing of Southern Africa, Serge finally decided to go on a world tour, informing his partners in the fall. Enthusiasm remained intact and so it is with much joy and happiness as we continue our journey in 2016 and 2017 in the company of these 3 brands.