D69: Hannibal – Lentner

72,34km – 10H38′

Departure this morning from Mark Twain Avenue. It was here that lived bestselling author, best known for writing the adventures of the famous character of American fiction Tom Sawyer. Born in Florida, it then came to study in Hannibal.

The first five kilometers in Hannibal take place in different areas of the city. Many birds, usually cardinals, their home in the trees of the gardens, and seem to have a lot to say!

Shortly after we commit to the US 36 road we will follow throughout Missouri. For now it’s a 2×2.

At kilometer 15, two police cars stop in few minutes to ask if everything is okay.

The wind is even stronger than yesterday. The supplies are difficult to do because this huge wind. Serge reduce his speed at 6km/H, he can’t fight.

The only ones to really enjoy the weather are the eagles. These are the first that we see since our arrival in the United States. To be exact it is not golden eagles, but bald eagles, race eagle feeding exclusively on fish (and Mississippi is not far away …). This species has long been threatened before the United States will take measures banning some products making it vulnerable. Note that this is a symbol of this country, appearing often with the national flag, but also the seal of the President, where even the logos of Air Force One and NSA.

The day is very difficult and Serge shown great self-sacrifice. We share very little with him during support, but it does not necessarily appear exhausted.He has reduced his pace and does not try to fight against the wind. Today is a day that will be long, he knows that very well and take patience.

Philippe joins him to run on the last 17 kilometers. Serge stops very tired, but it will be particularly talkative during the diner. He managed to fulfill the objectives that it set at the beginning of the day, and positive every kilometer, do not lament about conditions race and keep moving.