D66: Junction Rose Rd / Rd 4 – Chautaqua

72,25km – 10h04′

Tom Denniss, Australian record holder of this world tour since 2013, whose rules are set by “The worldrunnerassociation” is following us since Serge’s departure and regularly sends news. Serge followed in his footsteps on some Spanish stages since then, he meets sometimes the path followed by Tom. It was again the case today when Tom, came from the north to St. Louis, stopped in Edwardsville in 2012, where he had seen the opening of the London Olympic Games.

A few years after Serge crosses Road 157 at the south of Edwardsville. Road which was the Road 66 first transcontinental paved road from the USA built from Chicago to Los Angeles, only a few vestiges remain, replaced by Highway and Interstates … The first trans-continentale footrace took place in 1928 on this Road 66…

Serge will follow a cycle trail the most of the day, enjoying the calm and flat, without slopes and reached at the end of his stage: Alton and the bank of the Mississippi River. He is going to follow up this River until Thursday night before crossing it in Hannibal for the third time. Bridge he knows well, having already crossed it, in 1997 and 2011, during 2 crossings of the USA he has done. In 1993, the bridge was closed because of flooding and the LA-NY Footrace had to take another route. It should be Ok now, the bridge is huge now.